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We teach classes (and create books) to help Medical Marijuana (MMj) Patients, their caregivers and recreational users (where allowed) grow their medicine safely and inexpensively.  The methods that we teach enable you to grow more safely and at lower cost than the methods taught by most other people.  Using our methods, you will be able to grow high-quality marijuana, as long as you are using strains with good genetics. We offer our books, classes and consulting in order to achieve the following goals: 

  1. To help Medical Marijuana Patients and recreational users have safe and legal access to Medical Marijuana medicine. 
  2. To help people grow quality marijuana at reasonable costs using our unique techniques.
  3. To help people grow their marijuana safely. 
  4. To help Medical Marijuana Patients and recreational users stay away from the marijuana black market and its dangers by growing their own medicine. 
  5. To help people know exactly what is in their medicine, by growing it themselves and keeping track of ingredients used to grow. Visit our “Class List” page for info on each class that we offer.

Our classes are taught by the authors of several popular books on various aspects of growing marijuana.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or suggestions.

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