About Doctor Grow™, LLC

Doctor Grow™, LLC has two member partners, Justin Griswell and Victoria Young Maciulski.  Justin is an expert on horticulture of all types and Victoria is a writer, designer and teacher with a Masters in Business.  As of the end of 2013, we have published six books on various aspects of growing marijuana, including the definitive book on growing autoflowers. We offer classes and books on growing medical marijuana for patients and caregivers.  We also do consulting for growers to help them get the best yield for lowest cost.

Classes are available in the Denver metro area. You can find information about all of our books at MarijuanaBooks.com.  Our books are available in paperback and Kindle format through Amazon.com and bookstores.

Justin Griswell has been growing and selling bonsai trees for over 15 years.  He has been growing medical marijuana since soon after it became legal in Colorado in the year 2000.  He also grows organic vegetable gardens, and is very active with cultivating trees, flowers and food.  His knowledge of plants, growing nutrients and light is extensive.

We recognize that there are barriers to Medical Marijuana patients getting the medicine they need.

  • Many Medical Marijuana patients are on limited, fixed incomes.
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries often charge high prices.
  • Many places do not have dispensaries or other outlets for patients to buy Medical Marijuana.
  • Even fewer places allow the sale of recreational marijuana.

These barriers can be overcome by growing your own Medical Marijuana using our techniques.  We have developed techniques for growing that are far less expensive than what most people are teaching.  You still get good yields and your buds will be as high-quality as those grown using the expensive methods taught by other people.  Many growing “experts” say you need at least $500 to $1000 to start growing your own marijuana.  Using our methods and product recommendations, you can start growing for far less.

We will give you the details specific to growing Medical Marijuana in our classes. Many Medical Marijuana patients are disabled and on fixed incomes. In order to help people grow quality medicine as cheaply as possible, we offer inexpensive ideas for many of the items and processes you will use while growing. We know that the prices of medical cannabis in dispensaries can be far too high for the budgets of many patients. Especially those on fixed incomes, disability and patients whose conditions make them unable to work. If patients and caregivers follow our techniques, they should be able to grow affordable, high quality medicine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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