Our experts at Dr. Grow™ can provide you with consulting and advice on a variety of topics. Our advice will be to help you grow within the defined laws of the state of Colorado.

Grow Room Design: Many factors must be considered when it comes to choosing a location and design for your personal grow room. The physical location, the shape of space, ability to exclude light from the area, temperature, proximity to electrical outlets, etc., will all determine the configuration of your personal growing space. Our experts can advise you on what would be your best choices.

Grow Room Safety & Hygiene: Our experts can help you set up your grow room so that you minimize the risk of having pests and pathogens in your garden. You have probably heard many tales from people who got infested with spider mites, powdery mildew, mold and other pests and pathogens. Those infestations frequently result in having to destroy the plants and start over, wasting time and money. Doctor Grow™ can advise you on the best practices to help avoid these problems.

Grow Room Equipment Specifications: Our experts can walk you through the equipment you need for a small personal grow. Unlike many others, we specify low-cost, energy-efficient solutions so that you can grow high-quality marijuana for affordable prices. We will make recommendations for you based on your needs and your budget.

Plant Care: We can provide all the information you need to germinate seeds, determine their sex and care for them during the vegetative and flowering phases. We can teach you how to take clones from plants that have the best phenotypes so you can maintain that particular lineage, if you wish.

Nutrients: Doctor Grow™ can provide our time-tested, proven nutrient recipes and detailed fertilizing timeline for growing in organic soil, during vegetative and flower phases.

Our experts can also check your plants for nutrient deficiencies and advise you on how to correct those deficiencies so that you have an optimum harvest.

Harvesting: Harvesting too early or too late can negate all of your hard work growing cannabis over several weeks or months. We will look at your plants and advise you on your harvesting timeline. We can also advise you on the techniques to use when harvesting, proper trimming techniques, and how to maintain a sanitary environment for the harvesting process.

Fees: Our basic consulting fee is $60 per hour plus a $25 trip charge.† A one-hour visit will cost you $85. A two-hour visit will cost $145. We accept cash and credit cards. We do not accept checks.

Our experts are quick and thorough, and can cover a lot of information in a one or two hour visit.

† A trip charge of $25 applies to customer sites that are in the Front Range of Colorado from as far north as Greeley & Fort Collins and as far south as Centennial. Trip charges for sites that are further away will be higher.

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